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Hi, I’m Margaret Gathunguri

Certified Functional Nutrition Counselor and Culinary Nutrition Expert.

Today, I help people who have tried many things to resolve complex or chronic health issues identify underlying causes and make changes that will have a lasting impact.

But just a couple of years ago, my health was falling apart.

  • My emotional, mental, hormonal, and physical health was getting worse
  • The joint pain and swelling  in my ankle became a DAILY struggle
  • I didn’t know much about my body or how to take care of it ( that was a hard truth to face)
  • The 100% plant-based vegan diet I was following and benefited from for 7 + years was NOT helping my body’s health as it used to

After two years of living this way, I finally found the Functional Nutrition approach that helped me turn my health around and also helped me understand my miraculous and evolving body.

This approach also helps me help others who want to turn their health around!