Deep down, you want to get your health back.

But you don’t know what to do.

You’ve tried so many things that haven’t worked for you.

And the people who are supposed to help you aren’t helping you get better.

I get it. It sucks to go through all of that!

But I’ve come out on the other side to tell you you can regain your health. Our bodies can heal naturally from chronic health issues.

How did I regain my health?

My chronic health issues started when I decided to start my motherhood and entrepreneurial journey. At that time, I didn’t want to take my newborn to daycare after my 3-month maternity leave. I also needed more time to adjust to motherhood and heal. 

 About 1 ½ years into this journey, I realized:

  • My emotional, mental, hormonal, and physical health was getting worse
  • The joint pain and swelling  in my ankle became a DAILY struggle
  • I didn’t know much about my body or how to take care of it
  • The 100% plant-based vegan diet I was following and benefited from for 7 + years was NOT helping my body’s health as it used to

Eventually, this led to a breakdown.

Everything I thought was healthy, everything I thought was “right,” was not working for me. I felt like I was falling apart.

I desperately wanted to rebuild a healthy foundation and didn’t know how.

After frustration, anger, and ugly cries,  I sought answers.

I decided to do something that I once thought was “unhealthy.”

I ate a pasture-raised egg to see if it would help my symptoms.

To my surprise, it did! Primarily the mental and emotional health and other hormonal symptoms I was experiencing. It felt like my brain cells were rejoicing.

Shortly after this experience, I started finding the people that helped me understand my body and rebuild a healthy foundation.

The first one was Magdelena Wszelaki’s. I had taken her assessment and learned that all the symptoms, including the joint pain, were signs of hormone imbalance. So, I purchase her book Cooking for Hormone Balance. The approach in this book was complex and layered, but the steps I did take from this book made me feel better and understand my body better.

It also got me more curious to know how Magdelena knew all this.

When I looked up her background training, I discovered she’d studied Functional Nutrition!

While I continued to digest (pun intended) and apply all the information Magdelena shares in this book, I began working as a private caregiver for a mother with Parkinson’s disease.

When I cared for her, she agreed to apply what I was learning to see if it would help her have regular bowel movements.

She was willing to try even though:

  • She’d not had a daily movement in  DECADES
  • The medication she was on when I took care of her caused constipation.
  • She’d just had bowel obstruction surgery because, well, she hadn’t gone in a long time, and it was making her ill

Despite all of this, this approach WORKED! Within three months, she was able to have daily bowel movements naturally.

 This outcome stunned my mind, hers, and the nurses who cared for her shortly before I did.

This experience showed me that food and lifestyle are powerful, BUT ONLY if you know how to use them for your unique body needs.

After working with her, I wanted to learn more about the Functional Nutrition approach.

This desire led me to study at the Functional Nutrition Alliance.

From them, I learned the fundamentals of how our body systems work and how food, lifestyle, and epigenetics impact the primary function of each body system.

I also learned how to use severely different tracking tools and how to look at lab work holistically and from a nutrition perspective. All this helped me take better steps to support my body to build a more robust and sturdier health foundation.

 Today,  I feel healthy and happy in my body.

Knowing what my body needs to be well, even as it ages, feels good. 

And it would be my joy to help you learn what your body needs to rebuild a healthy foundation!

To learn more about how I can help you regain your health, check out my Get Your Health Back Program or e-mail me.

Hi, I’m Margaret Gathunguri

I’m a Certified Functional Nutrition Counselor and Culinary Nutrition Expert. I help people who have tried many things to resolve complex or chronic health issues, identify underlying causes and make changes that will have a lasting impact.