The 7-Day Gut Healing Meal Plan Membership for Chronic Joint Pain or Chronic Pain 

Are you struggling with chronic joint pain or chronic pain?

With this meal plan membership, you will start improving your gut health with food so that you can get rid of joint pain  or chronic pain

Currently Closed for Updates   

This meal plan membership includes…

  1. Holistic Nutrition Educational Content to help you understand why these meal plans and recipes work. And, how to navigate the meal plans in a way that works best for your body.
  2. Weekly Meal Plans and Shopping List so you can learn how to consistently have a fridge full of food that you really enjoy eating and that also supports your body’s healing.
  3. A growing Recipe Library with 50+ delicious anti-inflammatory recipes from around the world.
  4. Direct and Private ( HIPAA compliant) access to communicate with me. This way you can get good guidance, support, and answers along the way.
  5. Easy access to everything in the program and teacher via a secure (HIPAA-compliant) app. You can download, log into and view everything from your phone or tablet.
  6. Science-backed References for all health claims that you can use for your own research and understanding.

  You CAN do it and… I can help.

Hi, I’m Margaret Gathunguri! I’m a Certified Functional Nutrition Counselor and Culinary Nutrition Expert.

Today, I help people who suffer from years of joint pain, arthritis, or chronic pain. 

But, just a couple of years ago, my health was falling apart.

    • My emotional, mental, hormonal, and physical health was getting worse
    • The joint pain and swelling  in my ankle became a DAILY struggle
    • I REALLY didn’t know much about my body or how to take care of it ( that was a hard truth to face)
    • The 100% plant-based vegan diet I was following and benefited from for 7 + years was NOT helping my body’s health like it used to

After 2 years of living this way, I finally found an approach that helped me turn my health around and also helped me understand my miraculous and evolving body.

This approach also helps me help others (who are READY) to turn their health around!

Join for $19/month   

To help others I created the…The 7-Day Gut Healing Meal Plan Membership is for joint pain, chronic pain, or arthritis.

This is an online nutrition membership where you’ll learn how to heal your gut, the most important thing you must do to help your body recover from joint pain, chronic pain, or arthritis.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)?

    • How does this program work? During the first week, you have access to the recipe library and holistic nutrition education content. After the first week, you’ll receive Gut healing meal plans with a shopping list via a secure app and email, every week. You’ll make what you want from the meal plan. During the weekdays (Monday – Friday), you can ask questions directly to the nutritionist in a private chat box or in the group chat box. Each month you will track your healing progress with the assessment tool taught in the holistic nutrition education content section. In short, you’ll learn, go grocery shopping, cook, and heal with good guidance each week. 
    • Can I try for one month? Yes, you can. Make sure you send your cancelation request before the second month.
    • I’m not comfortable using my credit card online. Can I pay by cashapp, Zelle, PayPal, etc? I understand your concerns. However, at this time I do not have my website set up to accept payments another way because the app that I use called, Practice Better, is very safe. Please read their privacy and security standards here:
      If I do figure out a way to integrate PayPal with practice better in the future, I’ll add it to my page, but for now, this is the option I have.
    • Do you have a pdf version of the meal plan? Yes, the meal plan/food guide is a pdf document that you can save and use on your devices or print out.