The 7-Day Gut Healing Meal Plan for Chronic Joint Pain or Chronic Pain

Are you struggling with chronic joint pain or chronic pain?

With this 7-day meal plan, you will start improving your gut health with food so that you can get rid of joint pain and get your health back

***Currently 80%. The full price of this meal plan and classes is $100.

Purchase for $19   

This meal plan includes…

    1. One Printer-friendly Food Guide with flavorful recipes, meal plan, shopping list, and checklist to help you prepare for success
    2. 3 video lessons to help you get started.
    3. 2 video lessons + Meal Planning Framework  to help you continue healing your gut and body with food beyond the 7-day meal plan 
    4. Science-backed References for all health claims that you can use for your own research and understanding

You CAN do it and… I can help.

Hi, I’m Margaret! I’m a Certified Functional Nutrition Counselor and Culinary Nutrition Expert.

I help people heal from years of joint pain, arthritis, or chronic pain. I help them get their health back so that they can feel healthy, happy, and have the energy/freedom to move and do more of the things that make LIFE special!

Purchase for $19   

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)?

    • What is the currency of the meal plan? The meal plan is sold in us dollars.
    • I’m not comfortable using my credit card online. Can I pay by cashapp, Zelle, PayPal, etc? I understand your concerns. However, at this time I do not have my website set up to accept payments another way because the app that I use called, Practice Better, is very safe. Please read their privacy and security standards here:
      If I do figure out a way to integrate PayPal with practice better in the future, I’ll add it to my page, but for now, this is the option I have.
    • Do you have a pdf version of the meal plan? Yes, the meal plan/food guide is a pdf document that you can save and use on your devices or print out.