Plentiful Health: A 7-Day Gut Healing Meal Plan for Chronic Joint Pain or Chronic Pain

Parents, are you struggling with chronic joint pain or chronic pain?

Pre-Order for $5.55

Get a 50% discount on this meal plan (price goes up to in February $11.10).

This meal plan is designed to help you…

  1. Start healing your small intestine lining “ your gut”
  2. Nourish your immune system, and
  3. Reduce chronic inflammation in your body

So that you can address the root causes of the chronic join pain or chronic pain you’re currently experiencing.

Purchase for $5.55

7-day gut healing meal plan for chronic pain will pre-sale for $5.55 from Jan 12-31st, meal plan will be sent out on the January 31st. After that, the price goes up to $11.10.