Becoming Health Session

Learn what YOU can do to become healthy at any age and  get rid of joint pain, arthritis or chronic pain

Are you a parent (or someone who wants to become a parent) struggling with chronic joint pain, arthritis, or chronic pain?

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In 2 nutrition coaching sessions, you will learn how to become healthy so that you know what YOU can do to naturally get rid of joint pain, arthritis, and chronic pain.

Becoming Health Sessions Include: 

Detailed Life + Health Assessment

After booking your Becoming Healthy Session,  you’ll receive a Detailed Life and Health Assessment.

In this Assessment, you’ll answer several questions about your current health, genetic predispositions, and everyday routines/habits. It helps us uncover information that previous health practitioners were unable to find and help you address. This is the key step to creating an action plan for you that will work with YOUR UNIQUE life and body.

Becoming Healthy Session

In this 90-min session, a Functional Nutrition Counselor will take a detailed look into the connection between your whole lifespan and your current health. This helps you and I identify more cause-effect food and lifestyle relationships that might otherwise go unnoticed and NOT addressed

By the end of the session, it will be clear what you need to focus on first to start feeling better and become healthy – naturally.

Becoming Healthy Toolkit

2 – 4 days after your Becoming Healthy Session, you’ll receive your Becoming Healthy Toolkit. This Toolkit includes Your Body Biography and a Personalized Action Plan.

Your Body Biography is a graphical representation of all known factors and events that helped prepare your body for its current health challenges (like arthritis, joint pain, chronic pain, high blood pressure, hormone imbalance….). The Body Biography helps you see what your body has been through so that you and I can make informed food modifications that will best help YOUR BODY enter a healing and healthy state.  

The Personalized Action Plan is a document that includes professional recommendations based on your body biography. The recommendations tell you what you personally need to LET GO of or WHAT YOU CAN DO so that you can LET YOUR GUT HEAL, become healthy, and free yourself of chronic painful symptoms with more ease.

Follow-up Nutrition Coaching Session

2 weeks after receiving and making the recommended food/lifestyle changes from your Personalized Action Plan you’ll join a Functional Nutrition Counselor in a follow-up Nutrition Coaching Session.

This 55-minute follow-up session will help you share your experience with the recommendations, answer questions, or help you move through any blocks that may be coming up for you as you take action to become healthy.

PRICE: $222

Book Becoming Healthy Session

You CAN do it and… I can help.

Hi, I’m Margaret! I’m a Certified Functional Nutrition Counselor and Culinary Nutrition Expert. 

I help parents (and people who want to become parents) heal from years of joint pain, arthritis, or chronic pain. I help them get their health back so that they can feel healthy, happy, and have the energy/freedom to move and do more of the things that make LIFE and parenthood special!

Ready to Become Healthy? Excellent!

Here’s how to get started. 

Step 1. Book A Becoming Healthy Session. You can book this session by clicking the green ‘Book Becoming Healthy Session’ button below.

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Step 2. Fill out your Detailed Health and Life Assessment 2 days before your scheduled Becoming Healthy Session. From there, I’ll guide you the rest of the way.





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